Thursday 19 May 2016

Unit 3: Reflection

Character in the Professions: Teaching

Discussion Board Unit 3

Please use these discussion boards to interact with your fellow learners. The discussion boards provide a unique opportunity for learners to debate ideas and thoughts generated by the ‘Character in the Professions: Teaching’ course and reflect on the application of theory discussed in your professional lives.

Unit 3 is your opportunity to pause and engage in an active ‘Reflection’ about what you have studied. 

You may find it useful now to go back to the questions you answered at the beginning of the course and reflect on your thoughts. Do your thoughts differ now to when you started the course?

Begin by taking the below Quiz to check your learning and understanding.
Refer back to the dilemmas posed in Unit 2.5 and use the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics ‘Making an Ethical Decision’ app to work through the dilemma. State which dilemma you have tackled and discuss below.

Select one of the following statements and debate either for or against it on the discussion boards:
  1. "To be a good teacher, one must always be a virtuous person."
  2. "To bring more positive ethical behaviour into the teaching profession, we require more formal character education."
  3. "Teachers would be happier if their context of practice better enabled virtuous practice."

Other suggested activities are available, which your course tutor may direct you to.

Please post your comments below and join the discussion. 

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